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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Moves, Dude

Josh and Adam caught landing on the ground before the next jump
Kyle Reasons says, "Dude, you're like taking my picture!"

Now, that you are caught up on language (see previous post), you'll be glad to know I'm learning some new (old) moves on the dance floor. Last night, we had a great time jumping around. They called this a "dance," but I'm grateful to learn for those of us who are not rhythmically inclined, that youth of today no longer dance. They jump. All the time. They jump just to jump.

So, if you ever have the inclination to make like King David and start dancing around, but are afraid someone might say, "She can't dance," do as I do, just start jumping.

Of course, the next morning your back and rib cage might feel like a spring out of joint (mine does). But....that's the price you pay for dancing, I guess.

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