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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Free Time

The thing about Passport on the counselor end of the relationship is that there is LOTS of free time. I never knew this much free time existed as a camper. I thought counselors were always doing stuff. Important stuff. Like getting ready for my next round of water-polo-paint ball-frisbee-hot-dog-eating-contest. But no, counselors do important things throughout the day. Things very spiritual. Like eating scones, drinking coffee, and comparing notes on the sizes of their youth groups.

And we learn important information about each other. Did you know there are counselors here from Tampa who are students at UT? I had no idea that people in Tampa knew there were universities outside of the state of Hanging Chad—er—Florida. But, yes, one actually travels to Knoxville—and prefers to Knoxville to Tampa. I understand why, but someone in Florida recognizes this.

We also discover that whether there are students from New York, Indiana, Ohio, or Tennessee, they share the same set of worries, problems, struggles, issues, and possibilities as other students. Everyone is looking for some freedom, and today is a day to rejoice in Christ’s liberation and to reflect even more on the opportunities we have to share our blessings with others.

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