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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ezekiel: God's Presence in Performance

Join us for my study of Ezekiel at First Baptist Church of Knoxville.

"God's Presence in Performance"
Wednesdays, January 9-February 6

12:00 noon
Trentham Hall
$6 lunch

Prayer meeting
6:00 p.m.

Ezekiel was a priest who became a street-corner prophet. He used pantomime, gestures, parables, and visions to call the exiled people in the ancient city of Nippur to repentance and fidelity to God. Wherever we are scattered, God is present with us. We respond to God's word and renew our lives when he hear and obey the message.

January 9
Act 1: Watch, Listen, and Gesture
Ezekiel 3-4

January 16
Act 2: Perform the Message
Ezekiel 17

January 23
Act 3: Shepherd the People
Ezekiel 34

January 30
Act 4: Re-member and Visualize God's Presence
Ezekiel 37

February 6 (Bridge only)
The Lord is There
Ezekiel 40-48

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