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Friday, April 17, 2009

Croatian Baptist Pastoral Center

I've arrived in Cakovec, Croatia, for the Croatian Baptist Union Annual Convention. Michael McEntyre, Matthew and Zeb Evans are here with me. Matthew and Michael are scouting sites for the youth mission trip in the summer. I will be preaching tonight for the convention meeting and leading workshops tomorrow.

This is my first time here in two years. When I was here in 2007, the adults tiled rooms; the auditorium was still not finished; and the roof needed patching. Since then, thanks to the generosity of First Baptist and others, the roof is finished, the auditorium and foyer have beautiful marble tile. A large Croatian cross hangs on the wall of the auditorium. The room is illuminated by new light fixtures, and the insulation is complete in the auditorium.

This project is a great testimony to the 6-year partnership that FBC has had with the Croatians. We are even sleeping in rooms that our group tiled.

This summer the youth return for their second trip. Michael will be working with new gypsy villages that Elaine Childs has located. More about that trip on another post....

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