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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last Day

We're wrapping up Passport today with one more round of Bible study, Mission experiences, and Worship. The annual Volleyball tourney is this afternoon, and FBC is defending its title from last year. We've had a great week. Here are just a few comments from the kids about their experiences. They were asked to write what they've liked best about Passport. I've intentionally left spellings and phrasings as written.

The first day I went to Icemorely, I saw a lot of talent that couldn’t be shown because of poverty and location. Kyle Reasons

Mission Site- The people at the nursing home were really nice. Worship I like the songs and how Dan preaches. Star Sanders

Mission Sites- The residents at the nursing home were so nice and kind. Some of us played games, others decorated their wheel-chairs. They loved having visitors. We also worked for Habitat for Humanity. It’s cool to get to do that.
Worship- I like the songs, prayer and Dan. Dan has a good way of making you feel awesome! He tells you you don’t have to prove yourself and God will never love you less. That makes you feel good and especially since we beat ourselves up about a lot of stuff. Morgan Johnston

I like the fact that we are making a difference in a community other than ours. What I like about worship is all of the songs and how the performers make it sound good. Jess Maples.

Mission Work! What I like about the mission site is working with the kids. The kids are so joyful to play. Seeing them smile makes me feel good. Worship. I liked how we used the flash paper because it showed us that no matter what we do that God will always 4 give us. Kerrie Haun

At our mission sites, we have to clean. And after cleaning the guy in charge started cheering and crying. Is amazing how little things go a long way. Jana Lentz

The Bible studies and sermons at night are easily relatable too. Also, my Bible study was #1 in the Rec Party!!!!!! Bradley Keaton

I like the services at nite and free time in day and group devotions at nite. Blake Reasons

I love spending time with all of my Latino children. Brad and my team won the Rec Party!! Josh Wheeler

I really enjoyed worshiping together in a group. When we worship together, we stop worrying about al our surroundings. The other thing I enjoyed was working at the Union Nersery Home. I met many new friends there. I have learned so much this week from them. It was a life-changing experience. John Hill

It was a big thrill to work with the kids in the Latino Community. Every time we played with them they always had a smile on their face. Johnathan Keaton

I liked the kids. Aaron Perez.

On Tuesday we held a parade at my worksite for a nursing home. At the end we sang and acted like fireworks. As we were taking them back to their room one of the ladies grabbed another and said, “I guess we won’t miss the fireworks this year and laughed.” It made me realize that even fireworks getting acted out are as good as the real ones for them and that sometimes the simplest things touch someone the most. David Cox.

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