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Monday, May 29, 2006

Future Baptists- Part 3

The next two characteristics--

3.) Authenticity is important. Generations X and Y perceive that “baby-boomer” style worship is artificial. This style is largely seen in the Willow Creek-style service that is popular throughout the country and even our church.

What would these young people offer as an alternative? The answers are all over the worship map. Some find authentic worship in the old forms and say that worship is ancient and future. Others have said they want to worship like they are going to a Green Day concert. Both are right, but neither coexists very well in the same worship service.

For example, The fastest-growing denomination in America today, especially among young believers, is the Eastern Orthodox Church. This group grew at a rate of 11% last year. New, “Emerging” churches are also springing up with no definable denominational affiliation and attracting hoards of young people. They worship much differently than Eastern Orthodox churches do.

4.) Volunteerism is up. Both generations love to get involved. These groups spent 23,000 hours watching TV before age 18. They are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and get busy.

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