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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baptists of the Future-- Implications

Implications for Church Ministry
Because most Baptists are members of institutional churches, we are affected by these trends and should take note of several things that affect us as we move forward.
1.) Keep it real. The best advice that I continue to hear from younger people is whatever you do, be authentic. Ministers should have face time with these generations. Go to Starbucks. Hang out. Be accessible. Give your current students a safe place now to ask tough questions. Martinson says that one of the key factors in students' returning to church is that they had a safe place in young adulthood to ask questions and a place where they could come “home.”

2.) Give opportunities to serve. Service is an entry point to the church. We saw this especially during our Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. We had volunteers from UT who had never been to worship or Sunday School.

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