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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Church Futures

Talking about Generation X (my bunch) and Generation neXt (the young whipper-snappers) is sort of the fad these days. The Boomers' kids are graduating, and suddenly society is worried: "These people will be applying for jobs in 4 or 10 years!"

Never fear, your cultural analyst is here. I've looked into the crystal ball and have determined what the future of church looks like in the hands of these fine young people. Ina Hughs offers a pretty good overview of this issue in today's Knox News. So...Ina, and everyone else, I'm posting a few predictions over the next few days.

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Julie Rice said...

Having been to some of the area's concerts by Christian artists, it's been uplifting and hope-inspiring to see the number of teens and young adults who choose these venues on a Friday or Saturday night. Yet, one of my main concerns for these and future generations (which Mrs. Hughes likes to promote from time to time) is tolerance for other religions or belief systems to the point where the Christian doesn't address the issue at all because that would be infringing on someone else's rights. I'm concerned about continuing missions work, the "making disciples" part of our commission, if the future generations are so accepting of these systems of false gods that they decline to challenge these beliefs and leave folks to die without Christ. My own college graduate has said maybe God changed his mind about Jesus being "the way, the truth, and the life." I've heard others say they just can't believe a good and just God would condemn a devout muslim to hell for being a devout muslim. How do we counter that mindset for those coming behind us? Just a thought.

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