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Monday, May 17, 2010

Single Mom, Cancer victim battles flood damage with help of @fbcknox_mission & @fbcnashville #nashvilleflood @6news

Kay Herdison had a flood of problems before 14 inches of rain fell on her Nashville home. Her 3 bedroom basement rancher was just enough for a single mom and her 3 kids. She had a leaky roof but was more focused on battling a brain tumor and providing a home for 3 children. She has a full time job at Captain D's as a manager but no health insurance. She earns just enough to make ends meet.

But when the deluge began, she was hit with 3 waves. Her easiest problem was the flood. The flood waters came up from her basement, above through her leaky roof, and behind from her back yard. It was the worst kind of problem with a disaster. Kay was dropped through the cracks of disaster response.

The homeowner's insurance will not pay for flood damage, and FEMA will not pay for rainwater from the roof.

But the faith community is here. First Baptist Nashville arrived this weekend for the first time since the flood 2 weeks ago. They sprayed for mold and connected Volunteers from First Baptist Knoxville to Kay. Today Kay has hope and help. We are pulling carpet, hauling her belongings, and providing a little peace in the after effects of a storm.

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