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Monday, May 17, 2010

Channel 6 reporter Josh Ault's story on the #nashvilleflood relief @wate @joshua_ault

NASHVILLE (WATE) - A group from First Baptist Church Knoxville left Monday morning to help with the flooding cleanup effort in Nashville.

The group of nine volunteers was assigned to help an East Nashville homeowner.

"As a Christian, Christ compels us to serve people in need, but I think also in this instance, we immediately thought to call First Baptist Nashville because they are brothers and sister right down the road," says First Baptist Community Pastor Carol McEntyre.

The home the church members helped gut belonged to Kay Hardison, a single mother with five kids.

"I didn't know I had gotten flooded actually," says Hardison, "There was water up here and in the back."

This is the first time Hardison has received help. She lost everything in the flood.

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