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Monday, June 01, 2009

The Shack-- The Place of Violence and Healing?

William Paul Young's The Shack is a provocative novel about the one man's recovery from the pain and tragedy of the worst kind-- abuse and murder of a daughter. The location of the Shack forms not only the center piece of violence but also is the headquarters of healing. He not only recounts the pain encountered by his daughter in the Shack, but the speaker/author goes to the place of pain to begin and continue the healing process.

Going to your place of pain is not for everyone. In fact, only people healthy enough should really go to that place if they are able...and only until they are able.

This Wednesday night, I'll be discussing this topic and raising these questions. I welcome your feedback now....

When is it right to go to that place? How does this work for you in the book? How does the location affect the outcome? Does it?

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