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Friday, May 29, 2009

Platform Construction- Week 1 Report

This is from Russ Linger...

Today wraps up week 1 on the platform construction project. Much
progress has been made, and today two tasks will be performed. First,
the initial sub-flooring structural members have been installed where
the old organ console stood. This will allow flooring to be installed
in the choir loft and for the choir chairs to be re-located in
preparation for Sunday's service. Second, a major cleanup will take
place and black draping installed over the rear choir loft walls where
the monitor cabinets will eventually be installed. It will be obvious to
all on Sunday that something major is going on at the church!

The new organ console is being hooked-up as I write this. A team from
Colby will continue working over the weekend, but the organ will be
ready to perform on Sunday from it's temporary location on the main
floor level, to the left side of the stage, as the congregation faces
it. This will allow everyone a close-up view of the new console Sunday.
For anyone interested, sample of the new choir loft flooring will be in
the choir suite this weekend.

Week 2 activities include continued work on platform structure,
installation of monitor cabinets, and continued work on organ and pipes.

It's been a good week....everyone is on schedule, and no major
show-stoppers at this point.

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