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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Last night we had a dose of culture. After speaking at 3 workshops and preaching for the closing session, we had a "Cultural Program." Each nation represented here sang or danced a Christian tune from their country. Some children from the orphanage here presented traditional Indian dances and music. A student at the Bible college also danced (and we're talking amazing dance here) to a Christian song in the Hindi language. This is quite a talented bunch, and they're willing to give all of their gifts to the Lord. Kelly and I sang a duet during my sermon. I'm very glad we did not have to follow up with an American dance!!!! Do you know what a 3 footed preacher looks like?

We have relocated to a hotel on the Bay of Bengal. We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunrise, small fishing vessels on the water, and the reminder that the sun never sets on the Lord's work. We will share communion with our brothers and sisters here this morning and then shop this afternoon.

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