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Thursday, February 23, 2006


This morning, we had the closing sessions of the church planting conference. After a seminar, we joined together to share the Lord's Supper. This diverse group from Southeast Asia and the United States joined hands and hearts to celebrate one of the ordinances that bind us. We united across denominational, ethnic, and linguistic lines as a visual reminder that we are one in Christ. The children then presented beautiful garland leighs full of bright colorful flowers from India. What a gift to be present here and share in this week.

As we said goodbye, Kelly and I were even more grateful for our church family to return to and reminded of how blessed we are in the states. We have been blessed with so much as Americans and should share generously in those resources. Godspeed.

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McBetty said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts during this amazing trip.
And welcome back home to us!

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