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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Inward Thoughts

Getting inside a church is a tough challenge. Inspired by some of the concepts that Dan Yeary at North Phoenix Baptist Church uses, let me offer a few "in"-words for church.

1.) Inform
Always be informing others about what's going on down at 1-B. It makes for great conversation with neighbors.
For someone to come to Christ, we must be constantly investing in the lives of others. People respond to invitations from someone they trust.
3.) Invite
The better we do number 1, the easier number 2 will be. Invite your friends to meet you at church. Save them a seat. Better yet, pick them up and ride together.
4.) Include
Saving seats, seeking out people sitting alone, and extending invitations to lunch afterward make a big difference. Make sure prospects are on your email lists for your Sunday School class. Don't have prospects? Call the office.
5.) Intercede
Intercessory prayer sensitizes us to the needs of others. Pray for the guests and members around you each day. It opens your eyes.
6.) Inspire
Your singing inspires others to sing. Our worship services provide the venue for experiencing God's presence. Our service opportunities give people a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
7.) Instruct
At church, we teach others about following Christ's path. Do this in your neighborhoods and offices too.
8.) Invite
Don't let them fall through the cracks. A reminder email or phone call that says, "we missed you," goes a long way. Our staff continually follows up with guests as well. At the end of each service, we provide an opportunity for public commitments of faith.

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