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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Feeling Better

USA Today reported that people turn to television when they are recovering at home from an illness. They suggested 10 different themes or plots that help us recouperate when we are in sick bay. If we watch these television shows, we will feel better comparing our condition to the characters.

Using 5 of USA Today's themes and noting their TV recommendation, I've suggested a few Bible stories that will help you feel better on the road to recovery. Happy Healing! Listen to these on audiotape....
1.) There are people who feel worse than you.
Show: Maximum Exposure
Bible Story: Jezebel and the Dogs
Description: Jezebel's fate is sealed when she dies falling out of a tower. Not a pretty sight.
Why you should read it: What could be worse than to fall out of a tower, only to have dogs eat you?
2.) There are people who look worse than you.
Show: What Not to Wear
Bible Story: Leah
Description: The text tells us she was "soft in the eyes," or in modern terms "ugly."
Why you should read it: Thank goodness no one is commenting on your eyes--or looks--when you're ill.
3.) There are people who are bigger slobs than you.
Show: Clean House
Bible Story: Noah and the Ark
Description: Noah spends 40 days and nights with animals.
Why you should read it: Even after an illness, your house is still cleaner than the ark.
4.) Learn pain management
Show: Anything on C-SPAN
Bible story: The man at the pool of Bethsaida (John 5)
Description: The man relies on a superstition to heal him.
Why you should read it: Be thankful we have medicine to go with our prayers.
5.) Sooner or later your appetite will return
Show: Paula's Home Cooking
Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
Description: A little boy has more faith than trained disciples.
Why you should read it: When your son offers chicken soup, take it.

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