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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

William Gilmore Simms "Sabbath Lyrics: A Christmas Gift of Love"

The mid-19th century Southern writer William Gilmore Simms offered
personal reflections on the wonder of Christmas in the midst of the
loss of his children. He and his wife Chevillette had 14 children.
Only 5 outlived him. Read his reflections on the birth of the Good

Where among the pasturing rocks
The glad shepherds kept their flocks
Came an angel to the fold
And with voice of rapture told
That the Saviour Christ was born

Born in Bethlehem sacred place
Of a virgin full of grace
In a manger lowly spot
Symbol of his mortal lot
Lo the Saviour Christ is born

Dread and glorious was the bright
Of that sudden shining light
Which around the angel then
Token'd to the simple men
That the Saviour Christ was born

But the voice that filled the blaze
Cheer'd them in their deep amaze
Tidings of great joy I bring
In the coming of your King
The true Shepherd Christ is born

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