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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Opening a Door to Relationships

Here's Julie Rice mixing the "mud" for the tile.

Sometimes the work of laying tile leads to a new kind of work...establishing relationships with people. Who would have thought that laying tile and cleaning out a basement could open doors to other opportunities? On Monday, that's exactly what happened. Bratko Horvatic, one of the leaders of the pastoral center, invited the team to send a delegation to one of the local elementary schools in Cakovec. Bratko, who is also a Gideon, arranged to distribute 1500 New Testaments at the school and asked for the Americans from FBC to assist him. Mike Cunningham, Kennie Riffey, and Sidney Bowman went on Tuesday morning. Out of courtesy, they met with the principal first and asked her what they had permission to say to the students. She replied, "Why don't you tell them why you are a Christian and why it is so important to you."

Mike, Kennie, and Sidney willingly shared their testimonies. The principal enjoyed their presence so much that she called three other schools to meet with them the next day. This one day in the schools gave them opportunity to share Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This morning, Brent Starling was able to go and enjoy the experience as well.

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