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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Brady Ball

Coach Brady is at it again. The basketball wizard of LSU, who came from the likes of Bellhaven College, and led the Samford program when I was just a student there, is now getting long-deserved accolades.

He knows how to coach. When in doubt, he disrupts the opponents' rhythm. At Samford, he ran an offense that befuddled everyone--even the fans, at times. He brought his crew to Baylor and won one of their tournament games, if I'm not mistaken. The sports editor tried to pay him compliment by calling his team "scrappy." He doesn't like for his team to be called scrappy, and he had some choice Mississippi words for the editor. In this year's tournament, he's outcoached the likes Coach K, arguably the best in the tournament.

When he was hired LSU, the skeptics were out again. After all, who would want to follow Dale Brown? Could John Brady get LSU back to glory? The doubters aren't talking now.

He's an even better role model: hard worker, stable, and willing to challenge his players. Even if he does not win another game, he has demonstrated what we Samfordites knew all along. His persistence has made him who he is today, and no one is calling this LSU team "scrappy."

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