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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Travel

Once again, I have another Christmas travel episode. This has happened before. A few years ago, we celebrated Kelly's father's retirement around Christmastime. The San Angelo, Texas, airport closed because the de-icing machine was broken. Now I have another Christmas adventure.

A few months ago I committed to a wedding on Christmas Eve. I would do this only for friends and family, and this was a family friend. Part of the deal included getting me back to Knoxville in time for the 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service. The rest of the family would drive back in time for Santa to come. When I arrived at the airport, they had canceled the flight. (Thanks for the phone call to let me know--not!!!!).

It was now 1:15, and I was 4 hours away from Knoxville. So, I ran to the Hertz desk, rented a car, and flew on the ground to Knoxville. I left Charlotte at 1:30 and was back in my church
at 4:45. Let's just say either the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee police were looking at other people, or they were just not around.

The experience gives new meaning to Joseph and Mary's flight to Egypt. Thankfully, they were not depending on anything with ".com" in the name.

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